Passenger Carrying Vehicles

Carriages 1 & 2 as built

There are currently three carriages available for use, two (Nos. 1 & 3) are stabled 'on site' and the third (No.2) can be brought in when required.

No.1 was first fitted to a steel chassis originally constructed as a Guard's Van by the Ledbury Light Railway. The Guard's Van's wooden body had rotted and was discarded. The axles are suspended on coil springs and run in pillow-block bearings. Brakes are operated via a screw handle located at one end. Adapted and modified by Silver Fox Steam at the Ellesmere Port Carriage & Wagon works in 2014, No.1 has a comfortable bench seat with a useful storage compartment under.

In 2018 we built a new bogie chassis to replace the four wheel undercarriage originally fitted to No.1. The steelwork was designed and fabricated the the Ellesmere Port works and the bogies modified and fitted in Churwell. One of the bogies is braked, providing an emergency and parking brake. The pictures below show the underside of the braked bogie and details of the newly fitted, PNP-supplied, brake blocks. Completion of the new chassis allowed the original Ledbury chassis to be made available for the rebuilding of a replica guard's van and further use elsewhere as part of a reconstructed Ledbury Light Rly train.

  • No. 1's new bogies - brake block & hanger detail

  • Further detail

  • General arrangement showing brake rod

  • Completed Chassis

  • Detail of Braked Bogie

  • The All-Bogie Passenger Set. (Temporary Guard's riding car being tested.)

As modified - 2020

No.2 was built by SFS in 2015 in response to the need for increase capcity as the railway gained popularity. It is unbraked and therefore can only be run with other braked vehicles in the train. Slightly smaller than No.1, the sit-astride seat is set on a central upright with footrests. No.2's wheels run in pillow block bearings suspended from coil springs. The carriage was refurbished in October 2018 receiving new, wider footrests and trims. In 2019, the vehicle received new end boards (matching the other stock) and a repaint.


Carriage No. 3

Chassis & running gear No.3

Towards the end of 2016 we started to build a new carriage - No. 3. This vehicle is similar to No. 1 in size and appearance but was originally designed with bogies to provide a smooth, comfortable ride. The bodywork mirrors No.1 with a nice comfy sit-astride bench seat. The carriage was completed in July 2017.

Bodywork that matches Carriage No.1

April 2017 and the bodywork is complete & ready for painting.

Chassis painted and ready to roll - June 2017

Bodywork after a few layers of undercoat.

... and the seat, comfort assured. Brown leatherette fabric around 2" thick high density foam on an 18mm plywood base.

The finished carriage introduced into service on July 9th 2017 (ahead of schedule), posed here with Loco No.3 'Robin'.

Guard's Braked Riding Car - No.4

This vehicle was obtained in 2018 and has recently undergone a major rebuild to improve it's ride and braking. It is planned to include it in the full train set, with a guard, to increase the braking capacity of the train.

Carriage Roofs

Santa train passengers get an 'Elf 'n Safety' briefing.

We have recently added roofs to carriages 1 & 3, to give a little protection to pasengers in bad weather. They are easily fitted & removed and therefore utilised only when necessary. At Christmastime in particular they add a little extra decoration! 

The lightweight roofs are mounted on tubes that form an 'H' section when assembled. For storage the upper sections of the frames are removed and the roofs refixed to sit just above the seat. The whole train can then be shunted into the tunnel!

  • New End boards & re-fixed bunting trim

  • Note the new carriage number disc matching roof to carriage!

  • New brass numbers